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July 1, 2014

Smarty Pixels posted the following article on content writing and the snippet; The snippet and title displayed in the search engine result pages. We don't want to repeat the content of that article. We want to talk about the possibility of Google posting a snippet out of context. The content writer must preclude the extraction of words around a search phrase that diminishes the relevance of the search phrase. Let me explain.

The content of a web page is best kept to a single topic.

Suppose the search phrase remedial math tutor is expected on a web page that reads:

I'm experienced in teaching remedial math and graduate level computational math.

The content writer runs the risk of Google including "remedial math and graduate level computational math" in the snippet. The beginning algebra student may be more intimidated than impressed. The web page may loose the click.

It would be best to distinguish the two pages based on level of expertise on a web page designed to attract potential students.

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John Ernsthausen
John Ernsthausen


I'm John Ernsthasuen. I am a web analyst and web developer. I write good software and I build engaging custom websites for Smarty Pixels in Pittsburgh PA. I am well trained and keenly interested in scientific computing. I have experience as a data coordinator and worked in compliance with HIPAA standards.

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